Welcome to Video Vest Limited and a totally new approach to the concept of Body Worn Video Solutions

Body worn video from Video Vest Ltd

Unlike many products already available on the market, Video Vest consulted extensively with end users before development began. This included the Police Service, the wider security industry and many local authorities. We listened to what people said to us and have developed a range of products that are in compliance with current Home Office guidelines in terms of technical specifications.

We have sourced technology that has been designed for comfort, durability and ease of use.

The Video Vest solution is an adaptable system that can be purchased in a variety of configurations and with a selection of different cameras depending on your individual requirements.

Without sacrificing quality, Video Vest can provide very cost effective Body Worn Video solutions. Contact us for price packages tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require the Video Vest solution for enforcement, evidence gathering, extreme sports or any application in between we have the product to match your requirements.

Now Available - The new VV3000

VV3000 Specifications


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